Advantage of PHP Over Other Server-Side Scripting languages


There are many programming languages available for developers for building web application in which developers have to choose from when building applications such as ASP, JPS, and PHP. The main debate recently has been between PHP and ASP, but it is difficult to argue against the increasing popularity of PHP. PHP is used for WordPress and Facebook for their development so it’s getting more popularity now days.

Most developers try to learn as many programming  languages as possible for building their skills; knowledge of PHP is one of the most in-demand skills that developers should have. Here are some of the reasons why developers should use PHP.

Easy to learn:

PHP is easy to learn and understanding scripting language or programming language for developers. PHP syntax has similar with C. Even if the only knowledge of development that you have is with HTML, picking up PHP is still fairly easy.

User Friendly:

PHP gives more flexibility than C, C++ and ASP and it helps in increasing traffic to the site. PHP is user friendly language as compared to other and easy to learn.

Open source:

PHP is open source programming language .It is free to use. Community of open source PHP developers provides technical support. And community is constantly improving updating the core PHP functionalities. PHP is available at free of cost under PHP General Public License.


PHP offers security as well that helps prevent unwanted attacks. These security levels can be adjusted in the .ini file. So, at the last PHP is secured for development.


The number of PHP frameworks available is even further proof of how strong the PHP community is. For fast and secured development frameworks an important role. Examples of frameworks are Symfony, Cake PHP, Zend and Slim etc.

Object Oriented:

PHP actually has the ability to call Java and Windows COM objects. In addition to this, create custom classes. Other classes can actually borrow from those custom classes as well which extends the capabilities of PHP even further.

Other Tools:

If you need to access other web based tools like Google maps or any other, PHP makes it easy to access.


At the last

  • Open Source and PHP is free.
  • PHP can be easily embedded directly into HTML.
  • Platform independent can run on Windows Linux or Mac servers.
  • Run faster on the internet and easily integrate AJAX, Callback etc.
  • Interfaces very easily with Apache/MySQL.
  • Lots of hosting services have it ready to use, no special configuration.
  • Pretty easy to access other web-based tools through PHP i.e. Google maps, etc.

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