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Jahan Rishty Milian Man Chahain

Shadi.Pk, the most trusted Pakistani matchmaking platform, partnered with Webicosoft for a web design & development. Webicosoft delivered a secure, scalable, and mobile-friendly platform. The result? Increased traffic, higher conversions, and a stronger online presence for Shadi.Pk.

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In the bustling world of online matchmaking, standing out requires a brand identity that resonates deeply with your target audience. Webicosoft faced this challenge when Shadi.Pk, a leading Pakistani platform for finding life partners (in other words, how to get rishta online), entrusted us with crafting their brand identity. Our goal: to establish a strong, recognizable brand that fostered trust, security, and a commitment to finding genuine connections for Pakistani singles seeking marriage, both within the country and abroad.



Shadi.Pk operated in a competitive market with established players. The challenge was to develop a unique and memorable brand identity that differentiated them from the competition. Additionally, the brand identity needed to cater to a diverse target audience with varying cultural and social sensibilities.

Online Matchmaking Landscape

Pakistan’s online matrimony space is a vibrant one, with established players vying for user attention. To differentiate Shadi.Pk, a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape was crucial:

  1. Strengths of Existing Platforms: We analyzed existing platforms, identifying their established user bases, brand recognition, or unique features attracting users.
  2. Gaps in the Market: Perhaps existing platforms catered to specific segments (age, socioeconomic background) leaving room for Shadi.Pk to fill a gap.
  3. Emerging Trends: We explored emerging trends like faith-based matching or AI-powered compatibility analysis to see if Shadi.Pk could leverage them.

By analyzing these aspects, we tailored the brand identity to address specific user needs and carve out a unique position within the market.

Shadi.Pk’s Target Audience

Shadi.Pk caters to a diverse audience of Pakistani singles seeking marriage partners. To craft a truly effective brand identity, we conducted in-depth audience research, looking at:

  1. Demographics: Age range, location (within Pakistan and abroad), educational background, and profession of their target users.
  2. Psychographics: Their values, social and cultural preferences, and aspirations for marriage and family life.
  3. Pain Points: What frustrations or anxieties did they experience with existing platforms? What were their concerns about online matchmaking websites and matchmaking or shadi apps?
  4. Tech Savvy: How comfortable were they with online matchmaking / matrimonial / dating platforms and technology?

By understanding these details, we could develop a brand identity that spoke directly to their aspirations, anxieties, and preferred communication style.



To achieve these objectives, we implemented a multi-faceted branding strategy:

  1. Logo Design: We designed a logo that was modern, elegant, and culturally appropriate for the Pakistani market. The logo incorporated symbolic elements that conveyed the essence of love, connection, and partnership.
  2. Brand Voice & Messaging: We developed a brand voice that was warm, approachable, and trustworthy. Our messaging focused on the emotional aspects of finding love and the platform’s commitment to facilitating meaningful connections.
  3. Visual Identity: We established a cohesive visual identity that included a color palette, typography, and imagery that reflected the brand’s values and resonated with the target audience. The visual elements were designed to create a sense of warmth, trust, and optimism.
Crafting a Cohesive Brand Identity

The logo with two interlocking hearts is a powerful symbol of connection and love, but a strong brand identity goes beyond visuals. Here’s how Webicosoft brought Shadi.Pk’s brand to life:

  1. Brand Voice & Messaging: We developed a warm, approachable, and trustworthy voice. Messages emphasized the emotional aspects of finding love, focusing on facilitating meaningful connections and the joy of marriage.
  2. Visual Identity: Building on the chosen red color, we established a color palette that reflected trust and warmth. We subtly incorporated traditional Pakistani design elements for cultural relevance.
  3. Imagery: We curated a collection of photographs and illustrations showcasing happy couples, diverse families, and positive celebrations of marriage.
  4. Tagline in Urdu: “Jahan rishtey mily man chahey” (Where relationships connect as desired) perfectly complements the logo and messaging, resonating with the target audience in their familiar language.
  5. Website & App Design: We ensured a user-friendly, secure, and visually appealing platform that reflected the brand identity consistently throughout the user journey.
Building Emotional Connections

Shadi.Pk can leverage storytelling to connect with its audience emotionally. Webicosoft recommended and implemented strategies such as:

  1. Sharing success stories of couples who met on the platform.
  2. Highlighting Shadi.Pk’s role in facilitating happy marriages.
  3. Featuring testimonials from satisfied users.

These stories would build trust and demonstrate the platform’s value proposition.

Building Trust & Security

Security is paramount for online matchmaking. Webicosoft emphasized and implemented robust security protocols, user verification processes, and clear privacy policies to build trust with users.

Catering to a Global Pakistani Community

Shadi.Pk caters to Pakistanis both within the country and abroad. Here’s how we addressed this diverse user base:

  1. Multilingual Platform: We recommended supporting Urdu and English, potentially including additional languages for diaspora audiences.
  2. Location-based Matching: We suggested allowing users to filter searches by location preference (within Pakistan or specific countries abroad).

These features ensure a more personalized and efficient matchmaking experience for all users.

Tracking the Impact of the Brand Identity

Tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) is crucial. Here are some metrics we suggested Shadi.Pk monitor:

  1. Brand Awareness: Track website traffic, social media engagement, and brand mentions in media.
  2. User Acquisition: Monitor user sign-ups and registration rates.
  3. User Engagement: Analyze profile completion rates, number of messages sent, and frequency of platform usage.
  4. Conversion Rates: Track the number of successful matches leading to marriage proposals.

By regularly monitoring these metrics, Shadi.Pk can refine its brand strategy and messaging for continued success.



Webicosoft’s comprehensive brand identity strategy for Shadi.Pk yielded positive results:

  1. Enhanced Brand Recognition: The unique and memorable logo and visual identity helped Shadi.Pk stand out in the marketplace and establish brand recognition.
  2. Stronger Emotional Connection: The brand voice and messaging resonated with the target audience, fostering an emotional connection with the platform’s values and purpose.
  3. Increased Brand Trust: The emphasis on trust and security in the brand identity instilled confidence in potential users and contributed to a positive brand perception.
  4. Cohesive Brand Experience: The consistent brand identity across all touchpoints, from the logo to marketing materials and the website/app, created a unified and professional brand experience.

Shadi.Pk’s brand identity, crafted with a deep understanding of the Pakistani market and its target audience, positions the platform for long-term success. Shadi.Pk is now well-equipped to establish itself as the go-to platform for Pakistani singles seeking their match, celebrating love, marriage, and creating happy families.

Beyond the Project: A Long-Term Partnership

Webicosoft doesn’t just create brand identities; we build partnerships. We continue to work with Shadi.Pk, providing ongoing support in areas such as:

  1. Social Media Marketing: Developing engaging content and strategies to expand Shadi.Pk’s reach and connect with its target audience on social media platforms.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimizing Shadi.Pk’s website and app for organic search, ensuring it ranks high in relevant search results for Pakistani singles seeking online matchmaking services.
  3. Data-driven Marketing: Utilizing user data to refine targeting, personalize user experience, and optimize marketing campaigns for maximum impact.

By fostering a long-term partnership with Shadi.Pk, Webicosoft is committed to helping them achieve their vision of becoming the leading online matchmaking platform for Pakistani singles seeking love and lifelong partnerships.

Client Review

Shadi.Pk highly recommends Webicosoft for their exceptional services. The team’s expertise in SEO, web development, and design significantly boosted our online presence. Their commitment to excellence and impactful digital solutions is commendable.


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