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Enrollers.Org partnered with Webicosoft to enhance their online presence. Webicosoft delivered a complete solution, including web design, development, content creation, SEO, and social media management. The result? A user-friendly website that showcases Enrollers’ expertise and drives conversions.

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Enrollers.Org, an educational platform offering digital marketing and web/app development courses, wanted to leverage social media to reach a wider audience, generate leads, and promote their course offerings.



First challenge was to identify the right social media platforms where their target audience spends their time and tailoring content accordingly. Second was to create engaging content that resonates with the audience and builds brand awareness for Enrollers.Org. Most importantly, how to convert social media followers into potential students by driving traffic to the Enrollers.Org website and ultimately course enrollment.



Webcisoft’s social media experts planned a strategy and a set of solutions that perfectly aligns with Enrollers business model.

  1. Platform Selection: Strategic selection of social media platforms based on target audience demographics and social media usage patterns.
  2. Content Strategy Development: Creating a compelling content strategy that includes a mix of informative posts, industry insights, student testimonials, and interactive elements to drive engagement.
  3. Community Building: Fostering a community around digital marketing and web development by encouraging conversation, responding to comments, and hosting interactive sessions (e.g., Q&A).
  4. Paid Social Media Advertising: Utilizing targeted paid advertising campaigns on chosen platforms to reach a wider audience and attract potential students.


A well-executed social media strategy expanded Enrollers.Org’s reach and brand awareness within the target market. Engaging content and community building fostered interactions with potential students, building trust and interest. Social media efforts aimed to drive qualified website traffic and ultimately convert followers into enrolled students.

Client Review

Working with Webicosoft has been excellent. We’ve seen more clicks, impressive impressions, and improved visibility online. They’re dedicated to getting results and making sure our website runs smoothly. We highly recommend them for their expertise!


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