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DigitalInfoCard, a professional networking platform, partnered with Webicosoft for a digital business card ecosystem. Webicosoft crafted user-friendly mobile and web apps with free QR code creation, all supported by a SEO-optimized website. This digital suite empowers professionals to connect and share information seamlessly, revolutionizing modern networking.

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DigitalInfoCard, a company aiming to redefine how professionals connect, partnered with Webicosoft for a comprehensive digital solution. This case study explores how Webicosoft’s expertise in web and app development, SEO, and copywriting empowered DigitalInfoCard to create a seamless and impactful information sharing platform.



There were many challenges due to market saturation and availability of already big digital info card brands in the market. DigitalInfoCard was in need of an exceptional web and app interface to effectively communicate the benefits of using their brand for seamless networking. Promoting the free digital info card with premium features like unique QR code creation and resume/cv upload. And finally to bring more and more downloads and users to their platform.



Webicosoft developed a multi-pronged approach to address DigitalInfoCard’s needs:

1 ) Mobile App Development: User-friendly iOS and Android applications were created, allowing professionals to manage their digital profiles and effortlessly share contact information.

2 ) Web Application Development: A web application complemented the mobile experience, providing another access point for creating and updating profiles.

3 ) Website Design and Development: A visually appealing and informative website served as the central hub, showcasing the platform’s benefits and attracting new users.

4 ) SEO and Content Writing: Strategic SEO implementation and compelling website copywriting aimed to increase organic traffic and brand awareness within the target audience.



Webicosoft’s comprehensive solution delivered a range of benefits for DigitalInfoCard: The user-friendly mobile app, web app, and website facilitated a seamless information sharing experience across various devices. Seamless QR code generation and other premium features for free. And professionals can effortlessly exchange, access and update their contact details, fostering stronger connections and collaboration opportunities.

Overall, Webicosoft’s digital solutions empowered DigitalInfoCard to create a revolutionary platform that transformed how professionals connect and share information in the modern era.

Client Review

Webicosoft transformed our vision with user-friendly mobile apps, a web app, and a visually appealing website. Their SEO and copywriting boosted our traffic and brand awareness. Their solutions made it easy for professionals to create, share, and update digital profiles, revolutionizing how they connect. We highly recommend Webicosoft for web and app development, SEO, and content writing.


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