Why We Use WooCommerce?

Why We Use WooCommerce?

If you’re considering launching an online store, you’ll be presented with many software options for building out your storefront. These choices, while initially will feel like a windfall, can quickly feel overwhelming due to the multitude of ecommerce options available.

So What is WooCommerce?

Woo Commerce is a free plugin for WordPress. It has been downloaded over thirteen million times and operates over 37% of all online stores. When installed into a WordPress website, Woo Commerce adds in basic product management, order processing, and shopping cart functionality.

Woo-Commerce can create a basic online store and sell a variety of products and services that include physical goods, digital goods, affiliate transactions, and ongoing memberships. The core software can manage essential ecommerce features like international customers, inventory management, sales tax management, shipping cost calculations, and coupons.

Woo-Commerce’s base functionality can be augmented with over three hundred extensions that can add in additional features such as bookings, product bundles, composite products, customer documentation, returns and warranties, as well as a number of learning management systems for selling courses.

Top Woo-Commerce Competitors

Woo-Commerce has a plentiful supply of competitors that can range from free, open source software to large enterprise level solutions. The most popular and closely related shopping cart packages such as:

  • Magento: Non-WordPress
  • Shopify : Non-WordPress
  • iThemes Exchange: Free WordPress plugin
  • WP e-Commerce: Free WordPress plugin
  • Ecwid: Non-WordPress

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