Every time wordpress release it new updates and user ask that is it safe to update wordpress site. User asks that why they use the latest version of wordpress. The Simple answer is that update of anythings has better quality and new feature. Same as wordpress updates also have the new features, bug fixes and security.

we know that wordpress is free and it is developed by a team of developer . Developer team finds these Bugs and with each new release they fix bugs, add new features and improve performance. When you do not update your wordpress site you are risking your website and missing new features. Let discuses in detail why we update wordpress.

1. Security

Security of your website is important reason to keep your Website up to date. 23% of all websites in world are powered by wordpress.That why wordpress is target by hacker and data thieves. WordPress is open source and anyone can study and improve it .It means hacker can also study code and find way to get access. All hackers are not bad Many are good and work as a security expert they study code and properly report bug/fixes. The wordpress team works to release an update that fixes the issue.

If you are not using the latest version of wordpress then your are using a script with known vulnerabilities. Hackers always searching for website using older version and you may be a victim. Not only wordprss needs to update you need update wordpress plugins and Themes.

2. New Features

Each Wodpress releases to come with new features and changes.If you are using older version then your experience would be a lot different than someone using the latest version.And you will face problems with getting online help.


WordPress Developer tries to make things faster And each release comes with performance improvements that make wordpress faster.And Speed is a huge factor in SEO you should definitely keep your wordpress update to get efficient speed.

4.Bug Fixes

WordPress Team works to find bugs and try to fix the bugs and Release the latest version of Fixing .If you go to wordpress support and ask for helping the first answer is that you have to update your wordpress hopefully your issue is fixed it latest version.


Some time your update will not coordinate with plugins and themes and update can break your wordpress plugins and themes That why you keep regular wordpress backup.If your theme and plugin not following the standard of code.Than wordpress updates can effect your site.

Keeping your website up to date is best way to manage your site.It will ensure that your site is secure and performs as efficiently as possible.Bugs are removed.So Don’t Ignore wordress updates ,you will confident to maintain your wordpress site.