WordPress and Joomla are open source CMS in the market. But WordPress is most famous CMS in the market and according to survey more than 23% of all websites have created in WordPress. There are also some other CMS like Joomla and Drupal are used and these all three have many common terms. Now we are going to discuss WordPress and Joomla so you will get that why WordPress is the best one.

Which terms are common in WordPress and Joomla

WordPress and Joomla are open source software licensed under GPL. So anyone can easily download and use these softwares.
These are written in PHP language
WordPress supports only MySQL and Joomla supports other database management system.
These are use themes for visual appearance and plugins for extend functionality.

Easy to Install and use

WordPress take just 5 minutes to install and it’s user friendly so every new user can easily understand the admin panel of WordPress

Joomla take some time to install and it’s admin panel is not straight forward as compared to WordPress.

Themes and Plugins

WordPress uses themes to change appearance of user website and plugins to extent the theme functionality. The WordPress has a lot of themes and plugins options.

Joomla also use themes/templates and extensions just like WordPress. But the templates and extensions are not so high as compared to WordPress,


WordPress and Joomla are top content management systems. However, WordPress beats Joomla with its ease of use. themes, plugins and huge global community. It’s reality that most fresh developers would find it much easier to build their website with WordPress than Joomla.