When you are thinking to create a WordPress website, you have to keep in mind the StudioPress’s Genesis Framework. Why you should be thinking Genesis when you think about WordPress. There are many reasons to choose Genesis Framework. Genesis is a most favorite Framework among developers and clients of Genesis also have many reasons to love it.

The Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework is much more than a theme. Genesis is a foundation for WordPress Websites and it’s provide easy way to work in WordPress development. It’s very easy to make WordPress websites by using Genesis Framework and it’s created on great SEO standards.

What are the advantages to create WordPress website by using Genesis Framework

Updating keeps security locked down:
WordPress websites are not updated regularly and it’s chance to getting hacked which is time consuming. So Genesis keep your website update and safe for a long time.

Meet the SEO standards: Your website SEO gets even better when it created in Genesis. The Genesis themes get search engine optimized by pros in-house before they are launched.

Don’t worry about updating WordPress: You don’t have to worry about that when you update to new version of WordPress your customization will be lost. You can update WordPress anytime.

Run and update multiple websites: You can run multiple websites by using Genesis framework and you can also update multiple websites without affecting on themes child.

It’s easy to extent functionality of website: If you want to extent your website functionality, Genesis makes this very easy to customize theme without changing code.

You can design beautifully by using Genesis child theme: There are many Genesis child themes which you can use to design your website beautifully. If you want to customize theme you can change this by using Genesis hooks.

Follow the HTML5 standards: Genesis framework makes your website responsive and cross-browser compatibility.

Updated on regular basis: There is a dedicated team of developers so they use best practice update and maintain Genesis.