Your wordpress website may be concerned about potential wordpress security issues.Their are some common wordpress security Vulnerabilities that affect your website security. If we ask ” Is WordPress Secure? ” Then Answer WordPress itself is very Secure as long as wordpress best practices are followed.

Almost 27% Website in the world are using wordpress. And if a hacker find one way in any site then he can hack all other sites. WordPress is an open source and has a team to find and fix the Security issues in code. That’s Why we have to keep wordpress updates to latest Version for the security of website.

According to teh report the Security Vulnerabilities Increased by adding Theme and Plugins on your site. Almost 3,972 known WordPress security vulnerabilities:

52% are from WordPress plugins
37% are from core WordPress
11% are from WordPress themes

Common WordPress Security Issues

Some issues occur before or just after your site have composed. Hack tries to gain access to your wordpress site . To gain access he use following Methods.

1. Brute Force Attack

This attack refer to a method of entering multiple username and password combination until a successful combination is discovered.

To prevent a brute force attack You have to decrease login attempts .And wordpress doesn’t have limit login attempts.

2. File Inclusion Exploits

In File Inclusion exploits attacker gain access to your wp-config.php file which is most important file in your wordpress site.

3. SQL Injections

WordPress website uses a MYSQL database to operate.In SQL Injection attacker gain access to your database and website data. He can create a new admin users and gain access to wordpress admin Dashboard.

4. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities are the most common vulnerability found in WordPress plugins. In XSS attacker runs JavaScript script and gain access to the data.

5. Malware

Its an code attack ,Code is used to gain access to a website and its sensitive data. A hacked wordpress mean that a malware is injected.So if you suspect on your site find your changed files.

What make a wordpress site Vulnerable.

  • 1. Week password Is a biggest Security Rink. Your wordpress admin password should be strong. And don’t use this password anywhere else.
  • 2. Running outdated version of wordpress,plugin and themes give a open way to attacks.Version update Decrease the security Vulnerabilities .A update have a patch of security issues.
  • 3.If you use a plugin or theme from untrustworthy source which provide a poorly-written, Insecure and outdated code then attacker can exploit your wordpress website easily .
  • 4. If the security of your hosting is poor-quality or you are using shared hosting this make your site more vulnerable and compromised.In share hosting if one site is hacked then attacker can access all other sites.

While WordPress security issues do exist, most can be avoided with WordPress security best practices and an awareness of the potential security risks.