WordPress is most popular CMS due to its Plugins and Themes. We can customize layout of wordpress Site with theme and also change functionality with plugins. Plugins are best way to add functionality in your site with plugin and if plugin is not then plugin can be developed.

There are almost 40000 plugins available on wordpress.org. In this situation it is hard to find that what you want. there can be several plugins that could be fit for you. But you have to pick best one.
But Question is that how we pick Best one. There are some steps to take before picking a plugin.

Examine Your needs

Before search the plugin you have to determine what you excetly want. Write a list of exactly what you are looking for.This will ssave your time.

WordPress Security

There can be 90% chance of choosing a poorly coded plugins .Most of the wordpress sites are hacked because of security issuse due to the poorly coded plugins. To overcome the security issues choose plugins that are frequently updated at least within the past two months and tested with latest version of wordpress. This show that known security issues were fixed. Hackers use Know security holes in old version of plugins to access site.

Check out The Changelog

Plugin Changelog is a good tool to know what you’r getting with plugin. Changelog tell you that what features are added with each Update. A lot of changes means that Developers are actively attached to customer needs and try to make plugin better.

Free versus Premium

When you search a plugin then you face a free and premium(paid) version.Some time a free version give you the exect what you want.But most offer for update to premium version.Premium versions are paid and they have more feature then a free. Ther are security tested and frequently updated.

Support for Your Plugins

Premium pulgin offer full time and quickly support from a developing staff.And support of free plugin is offered in support forum in wordpress plugin directory.Support also means you know if something goes worg.

Reputation of the Plugin Developer

Reputation of plugin Developer is most important .You can look the review of their other plugins and downloads.If the reputation of developer is good and provide good quality products then chances are that plugin from them can be good.

Choosing wordpress plugins need a bit research and consideration.