Google just ranks the high quality websites and if you want to get high ranked in google you must have a high quality website. To succeed online in the long term you must know how you could make a high quality website.

Doesn’t matter if you have a blog or a e-commerce shopping website all need to have different and unique to others websites.

Always keed in mind that if a website is considered high quality by Google, then it will be considered as such by other search engines as well since Google’s standards are stricter than those of Bing or Yahoo.

A good quality content is a important factor but it’s not enough to make a high quality website in the google.

A high quality website must have the following features

Unique and good content: Content must be unique and good quality as compared to other high quality websites
Balance between ads and content: You can place ads on your website but you have to place ads which relate to your content.
Social Media: it is play important role for producing a high quality website
Page Speed: The high speed webpage loading makes a high quality website. It increases traffic on website and people will spend more time on a website
Accessibility: A high quality website has responsive versions for multi device users. It is important that mobile and tablet users can access the website without any usability issues.
Usability: A high quality website is a user friendly. Can the user navigate the website easily?
User Engagement and Interaction: Users spend more time on a high quality website and read more than one pages before they leave?
How does it compare with the competition: High quality websites have specific keywords, is your website better than your competitors?