WordPress ,Joomla and Druple are the most popular Content Management System(CMS) in use today.According to the Calculations these three platforms combine to support over 75% of all CMS. Another Similarity is that they have save same hacking vulnerabilities. Almost 74% of all wordpress sites have known vulnerabilities that can be easily detected. Over 170000 wordpress sites being hacked last year. A Basic CMS Allows website owner to manage the content on their website. After website build it is easy to login and create changes. Three Most Popular PHP CMS will be compared in the Basis of the Security that system offers .Lets compare the security levels of most popular cms.


The Development team of Drupal is very serious when it comes to security. This secure CMS is designed to handle the internet vulnerabilities. Strong security make your website enable to prevent the vulnerabilities. Due to security many large brands and even governments rely in Drupal.

Drupal has biggest communities across the Globe and it provide faster response to any issue related to the security or any other.These are the following Features that make Drupal a winner when it comes to Cyber security.

  1. Drupal allow you to control who can access website and you can create a role for user and provide permission for specific purpose.
  2. Drupal provide a long password security with encrypted.
  3. Drupal provide strong database encryption for high-security project and it is helpful to protect information.
  4. It protect against Brute Force Attack by limiting the login attempts from a single IP address.
  5. Drupal Ensure that every data entered into the database is validated
  6. Denial of service attacks which prevent to access the site and in Drupal DOS attack is reduce because Performance technologies are integrated with system.

Drupal team not only work on these security issues .It s address all of the Top ten Security risks and Team on only fix bugs.


wordpress is one of the most popular PHP CMS. A team of security researches and lead Developer work on Vulnerabilities that are signaled to the security team. The team also address the top ten security issues.Just Like Drupal It also work on following features

  1. User Access Control
  2. Password Complexity
  3. Limited Password try
  4. SQL injunction and Cross Side Script.
  5. DDOS attack


Joomla offers a wide range of security extension that helps in providing protection against attack.There are many steps to make your website secure. For secure site you need experience. if you have not experience then you have to gain help from who have experience.


Drupal does take solid care of the security of its users. WordPress and Joomla are also serious about security as well. But Drupal is suitable for websites that required high security. System Updates help to provide better Security so make sure you keep your php CMS Updated.Joomla and wordpress use custom plugin that can be insure.