As web development is becoming the biggest source of sharing information ,showcase of your products and manipulating data so when it comes to web designing and development ,you will face some problems at somewhere in development and designing phase that is browser compatibility or Rendering issues. All browsers are trying to improve their standards to make their best but you always have to rely on some third Party tools to diagnose the issue and ensure that all visitors are receiving the same experience on your website or Blog. For example your website doesn’t render properly in IE9.So that customer simply will leave your site and visit your competitor’s site.

Browser Testing?

Ensuring that your website or Blog works well in any  given browser.

Here are Top 5 Browser  Compatibility Testing Tools,each of them have their different unique features and supported browser versions, platforms, and different ways to debug issues.

  1. BrowserStack-Paid
  2. Browsershots-Free
  3. Browserling-Free+Paid
  4. Litmus+Paid
  5. IE NetRenderer-Free