Page speed is one of the important standard that Google uses to ranks the website. When someone created a website and make it online then his first priority is that he wants to rank his site highly. SO if your page speed is not good you couldn’t get high rank in Google. Moreover if your page speed is slow the search engines couldn’t index your site and no doubt the page speed is very important to user experience. If you want more traffic on your site so you have to speed up your page.

Some of the key points which you should have keep in mind to speed up your site:

  • Your hosting server should be fastest one
  • Make sure your server should have Gzip compression enabled – Gzip compression is a method of compressing files (making them smaller) for faster network transfers.
  • Use the fastest WordPress theme
  • Make sure your site images should be optimized and well cropped
  • You have to use one the best caching plugin – caching plugins create static versions of your content and deliver it to visitors. This reduces page loading time significantly. (You can install WP Fastest Cache)

If you follow these steps you will see good results.