SEO Audit

This is a process which is performed to evaluate the friendliness of the search engine of a website and there are some points which you must have keep in your minds to evaluate SEO of your website.

Latest SEO Audit checkpoints

On-Page SEO checkpoints

  • Is each page has an unique title?
  • Is the title length between 50-65 and description tag length between 150-160 characters?
  • URLS of pages and post are SEO friendly?
  • Is there H1 for title heading and H2, H3 for subheadings
  • Are small paragraphs with format of bold and italic
  • Is there an unique logo and favicon
  • Images and videos are well optimized?
  • Are target keywords use in images name and ALT tag?
  • External links and blog comments have the ‘nofollow’ tag?
  • Do you link internal pages and use anchor text?
  • Do you use high competitive keywords to rank high in google?
  • Do you check for broken links?
  • What is the average time to load home page and other pages?
  • Are most important pages linked to home page and sidebar?
  • Is there a sitemap in menu?
  • About, Contact and Privacy policy pages are added?
  • Breadcrumb is used on all pages?
  • The 404 pages is custom?

Off-Page SEP checkpoints

  • Competitor analysis
  • Are there Opportunities to acquire new links?
  • What is a number and type of inbound links?