HTML5 is a latest version of html standrad.HTML is a markup language which allows us to structure and present out we content. HTML gives basic understanding of context in web page to search engine. How HTML5 affect on Search Engine.

New Tags in HTML5 help us to express our page in better way. These tags help us to define different parts of web page. Such as header, footer, nav, aside, main ,etcan be easily be distinguished from one another. there new tags help search engine to search specific part of a page. If we use <div> to define sections of a web page then <div> is meaningless .we cannot understand what’s inside it. But in HTML5 <header>, <article>, <aside> and <footer> tags are meaningful.Benefit of this is that it will allow search engine to easily crawl the website. Seach engine skip the extra sections such as footer or header. Search engine indexing will thus be more efficient, meaningful and possibly more advanced.

HTML5 Elements That Can Affect Search Engine Indexing


This is one of the important additions to HTML5 when it comes to SEO. It allows you to indicate the main content of a web page.


It indicate the various section on a page and each section have its separate Html heading. That Why Search engine can better understand of web page structure.


It help search engine to find the name and logo of site.


A footer contains information such as copyrights ,term and condition, Policy Information, Links and social media profiles


This help search engine to find information architecture of your website.

Media Tags

Multimedia elements such as <audio> and <video> can increase the understanding of search engine. For example Google present YouTube video in Search Result.

HTML5 is going to be increasingly used. If you are building new site Build it with HTML5 which help Search engine in Indexing.