Paulina De Los Reyes

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Beauty, Skin and Laser Clinic

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Paulina De Los Reyes, a seasoned Beauty Therapist and Makeup Artist in Williamstown collaborated with Webicosoft, a trusted software house. Our services encompassed web development, design, maintenance, blogging, SEO, and content/copywriting. Together, we crafted an online presence that reflects Paulina’s professionalism and expertise in the beauty industry.


We faced the challenge of integrating advanced features in web development while maintaining a seamless user experience. Web design demands ongoing updates to reflect the evolving brand image.


To address these challenges, we focused on innovative web development solutions that balance functionality with user engagement. Regular updates in web design maintain a modern and visually appealing online presence.


In just 1.5 years, our efforts achieved outstanding results, clicks rose from 90 to an impressive 17.6k, impressions surged from 10,000 to 1.4 million, and 4k keywords were strategically targeted. With a solid domain authority score of 25 and organic traffic reaching 3.5k with a conversion rate of 4%, our commitment to optimal website speed and a fully responsive design highlights our dedication to enhancing user experience.

Client Review

Webicosoft’s services have been outstanding. Their careful work in web development and design significantly improved our online presence. Their commitment to user experience makes choosing their services a smart decision. Highly professional and effective in delivering tailored solutions.


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