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Founder & CEO

Adeel Arshad

Businessman, IT Entrepreneur, Creative Director, Lead Developer & UI/UX Expert

Mr. Adeel Arshad, the visionary Founder and CEO of Webicosoft, is the driving force behind this thriving software house with 15+ years of successful freelancing and entrepreneurship. An exceptional IT entrepreneur, Mr. Arshad’s vibrant personality and unwavering motivation inspire his team to greatness. From his early days in university, he embarked on a journey in the realm of IT, steadily climbing towards the peak of his career. 

A true self-made man, he not only believes in the power of ideas but also possesses the ability to bring them to life. As the CEO, Creative Director, and Project Manager, Mr. Arshad effortlessly juggles multiple roles, leading his team with an unparalleled combination of sales expertise, effective communication skills, and a proven track record of success in the world of high-tech ventures. 

His extensive proficiency in a wide range of web design and development technologies including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Ajax, PHP, MySql, WordPress, UI/UX Designs, Mobile Responsive Web Designs & Development, Mobile Apps Development, Adobe Applications, SEO & E-Marketing, and more, showcases his comprehensive expertise in the industry.

Co-Founder & International BDM - USA

Zeeshan Riaz

Business Consultant, Successful Entrepreneur

Zeeshan Riaz is a co-founder and international business development manager based in the USA. With a diverse portfolio of businesses in Pakistan and the USA, Zeeshan brings over 15 years of experience in exploring new horizons and driving success.

He holds a degree in business and IT from the City of London College, United Kingdom, making him not only a successful entrepreneur but also well-versed in the digital needs of today’s businesses. Zeeshan’s passion for creativity and innovation is evident in his constant pursuit of new designs and ideas.

As a team player and self-starter, he leads by example and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Zeeshan’s expertise and creative approach make him a natural leader, and his dedication to his craft is unmatched.

If you need business consultancy, don’t hesitate to contact Zeeshan at zeeshan@webicosoft.com. You can expect an awesome response and solution within a few hours.

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SQA Engineer

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