Referrals & Affiliates

Have you tired doing job under an irritating employer? You think you’re good more in marketing? You have excellent links and relations with people around you? Know anyone interested in our services? Pass along their contact info and if the sale is made, we’ll offer you up to 30% commission as finder fee 🙂

We encourage you to maintain the relationship with your friends & family, clients or anyone as a Webicosoft White label Referrer, Business Manager or Affiliate Marketer. Webicosoft can can handle all of your client support and customer service questions if a situation comes up in which a client needs advice or support, and you or your staff are unable to provide. You like our business development agent or if you are a businessman, we can act as an agent of your company that handles all of your support requests on a monthly support contract or per case basis.

We are offering our referrer partners a website tailored to your new business that has years of study and development behind its creation if you currently do not have a website for your Internet business. This technique translates to proven success.

The Benefits

– Up to a 30% commission on our products and services
– Recurring revenues if client need more business in future
– Excellent customer support service and dedicated sales, design and development team
– Accountable and proactive whiteLabel partnership
– Two tiers of WhiteLabel referrers and affiliates – make money from people you recruit!

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If you are an ambitious company seeking to establish your foothold in the digital market, then Webicosoft is your best online tool.