Internships for UoG Students

Webicosoft and UoG (University of Gujrat) is struggling to help students to explore their knowledge, career counseling and polishing their skills. We are closely working with Management of UoG to bring more opportunities for the students of UoG by offering them internships and helping them opening new horizons. If you have successfully completed at least your 6 semesters or have been graduated, then Webicosoft welcomes you. Currently this opportunity is for SADA, CS & IT and Management School’s students only, but soon will be for others as well.

Webicosoft, an internationally acclaimed leading Web Designing and Web Development Corporation is growing aggressively and we are always actively looking to add more team members. We are offering internships to the students or fresh graduates living in Gujrat or near areas who can manage to join our internship program. If you have studied at least 14 years of education in any of the relevant fields below, you can consider to apply one or multiple roles for the available internships:

– Graphics Designer
– Creative Director
– Multimedia & Animation Artist
– Web Designer
– User Interface (UI/UX) Designer
– Front-end Designer
– Marketing Manager
– HR Manager
– Business Development Manager
– Office Manager
– Content Writer
– Web Developer
– Mobile Apps Developer
– Web Applications Developer
– Programmer
– Blogger

What Will Be Covered During Internship?

Below is the list that you can expect to be covered during internship program:

1. Personality grooming, presentations and job interview preparation
2. Awareness with company policies, job terms & conditions, ethical behaviours in a professional workplace, tips on how to be a loyal and honest employee for an organisation
3. Awareness and interactions with organisations famous CRMs and Project Management Systems
4. Observing students’ behaviours where they lack and helping them to improve their expertise & skills
5. Mentoring under our in-house senior team of professionals to interact, improve and learn new skills and technologies
6. Assigning them trial tasks, giving feedbacks and getting them a chance to work or assist on real life projects to think on a broader scale of their existing knowledge
7. Analysing and assessing students interest, aptitude and helping them in their career path in future
8. Evaluation of each student by observing throughout internship and at the end by preparing a report
9. Evaluation of our company by the students

Why to Join Our Internship Program

By the end of internship you as student will be able to decide about your career path and by the time you would have known a lot about the current trends and demands of market that will help you to decide where and how you should go. At the same time, you will also be making a strong position in our organisation to get immediate job after your graduation at handsome packages. You as a student will get more ideas and inspirations for your final year project, also you can better deliver your final year project with a professional documentation under our professional teams’ expertise and supervision.

Another important reason for offering this internship program is that we have an innovative plan to prepare an online web portal in which we’ll be giving you opportunity to upload your tasks and assignments that you will do during the internship or even you can also upload your term or final year projects. It’ll help you to be more creative, motivating yourself for better research and learnings, compete yourself with other students and many universities of Pakistan. We’ll be responsible to advertise and market your portfolios in other universities and around the world. We are ready to dedicate our mentors, professionals, expertise and investment to advertise your work and ourselves to make us a brand of market.

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