We don’t always know what other people are thinking, and when it comes to web design and development, you may feel even more uncertain. How do others see your website? What impression does it leave them with? And, perhaps most importantly, do they think it’s boring?

If users are bored with your website, they won’t stay long and they won’t return – two important factors in getting conversions and making more sales. You can’t afford to have a boring website when there are so many informative, interactive, and interesting sites for people to visit.

5 Signs That Customers Think Your Website is Boring
Here are some signs to watch for that indicate customers think your website is boring. Be vigilant!

1. Images are in short supply
We are all visual creatures, so images on a website are very important in grabbing our attention and keeping us interested. Some of us learn primarily through the aid of images and video. If you don’t have many images on your website, or if your images are too small, it’s a sign that customers find your website boring. Additionally, if you’re using stock images that look generic, you’re sending a visual cue to visitors that your company is generic.

2. Big chunks of unbroken text
See above – people enjoy images. Not only are images visually interesting, but they also serve to break up chunks of text and keep a webpage from seeming too homogenous. Big chunks of unbroken text are sure signs of a boring website because if you can’t be bothered to hit Enter to create smaller paragraphs or add relevant images to break up the chunks, you’re probably not putting much focus on providing great content and aesthetic design.

3. High bounce rates
They came, they saw, they left. It’s a sign of a boring website and it’s one that is dangerous to ignore. After all, if most people leave your website after viewing one page, you’re not likely to get many conversions or build a positive reputation online. Bounce rates measure the percentage of visitors that navigated away from your site after viewing one page, so high bounce rates usually mean the people visiting your site are finding it boring.

4. Low average time on page
Just like bounce rates can clue you into how customers feel about your website, so can the average time users spend on your page. The less time people spend on your website, the more likely it’s boring. Unless you’re seeing low average time on page coupled with a low bounce rate (which usually means the user is leaving the page to navigate to other content on your website, not leaving it altogether), low average time on page is a sign that customers think your website is boring.

5. You only have a landing page
Landing pages are an amazing tool for new businesses that want to get online quickly, but haven’t fully hashed out the website plan or are still coming up with product or service offerings. While you’re using a landing page, you’re limited in the amount of content you can include. Limited content and information means customers probably think your website is boring. Don’t assume that a landing page is a good long-term solution for your website because you’ve seen others do it – transition to a full website as soon as you are able.