Are Subdomains for a Blog is Good for SEO?


A blog is very important part of your website and it’s play a key role in website content marketing. When you are going to create a website, you should keep in mind that you have to place blog somewhere on your website.

When you have decided to place blog on your website, you just have two options which you could be used for blog
First option is that you could place blog on a subfolder of your website. e.g: www.yoursite.com/blog
Second option is that you could place it on a subdomain your website. e.g: www.blog.yoursite.com
SO now the point is that which option is better to place blog in your website, and which one is good for your website SEO.

SO, let’s look at the two options and decide between subdomain and subfolder that which is better option to place a blog.

Google is treating Subdomain as a different website

Mostly people are using subdomains for their blogs and they mentioned that they are using subdomains due to security reasons. It is better to create blog on your subdomain if you are using different app on your main website.

Mostly people think that there is no difference if you place your blog on subfodler or on a subdomain. Some experts say that you just have to concentrate on your content. You don’t have to worry about traffic on your website if you produce great content.


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