Businessman, IT Entrepreneur, Creative Director, Lead Developer & UI/UX Expert

The founder, innovative, spiritual and master mind of Webicosoft, Adeel Arshad is a multitalented, young energetic IT entrepreneur who believes in not just to think but to create. He’s always in quest of gaining and giving the knowledge. He’s self made man with vibrant personality who is a motivator, inventor of ideas, team leader and spirit of Webicosoft. He started his journey towards IT world during his early age when he was a university student and now heading towards the peak of his career. When he thinks of something, he creates and when he creates, he actually achieve. He loves to play with numbers, digits, codes and colors.

Adeel is currently handling multiple roles at Webicosoft (formerly Wemblo) as CEO, Creative Director, Project Manager and working as a team member to help, motivate and improve the skills of his team. He possesses a unique blend of sales and techniques with strong communication skills and demonstrates success in startups of high-tech ventures primarily in the graphics, webs, e-marketing, mobile apps and Internet applications industry.

Prior performing his roles at Webicosoft, he writes poetry, plays piano, listen soft music, watches romantic and inspiratinal movies.

Specialties: Skilled in all state-of-the-art web design and development technologies & standards such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, Ajax, PHP, MySql, WordPress, UI/UX Designs, Mobile Responsive Web Designs & Development, Mobile Apps Dev, Adobe Applications, SEO & E-Marketing and more...

Zeeshan Riaz (Co-Founder & International BDM – USA)

Zeeshan is an entrepreneur holding multiple businesses in Pakistan and USA. Overall he has more than 15 years of experience in Pakistan, UK and USA where he explored new horizons and yet moving ahead. He's graduated from City of London College, United Kingdom with majors in business and IT. That's why beside a successful entrepreneur, he's also an IT savvy and understand well the needs and requirements of current digital array of businesses.

It will be worthy to say that Zeeshan is one of the youngsters successful businessmen who keeps himself well connected to the matrix to learn and help others expand their business and potential.
He has been linked with Webicosoft since its inception working day and night to make it stand where it does today.
He loves to be creative and experiment with new designs, ideas and innovation.
He loves to be a team player and a self-starter – A down to earth person who will sit down and mop the floor or clean the washroom, cook food for his team mates a leader by birth – hates being called the boss
His addiction for creativity and writing or fishing we can’t figure out which one supersedes the other –
What we know is he is born to lead and an enthusiast specialist with a very creative approach towards each any job and business.

If you're looking for business consultancy, don't hasitate to reach Zeeshan at and discuss anything. Surely you'll get awesome response and solution within few hours.

Meet the leading TEAM

Aqeel Arshad

Managing Director

As a stockholder and managing director Aqeel is truly passionate about Webicosoft. He always makes time to listen and thinks long and hard about what could be done in any situation. He is a great at understanding the right questions to ask, setting priorities, working with and getting the best out of people, balancing client needs and production constraints and delivering great solutions. His starting point is always to get to know the client and understanding what would be the Best way to satisfy their needs. As Managing Director he is responsible to manage and maintain the integrity and quality of all the projects according to company's standards.

Saman Shabbir

Creative Director & Designer

A highly multi-talented with artistic mind, Saman is a Creative Director of Webicosoft and UI / UX Designer who is detail-oriented and experienced in designing high-quality, interactive webs, UI/UX and mobile apps. She has a great flair for user-centric design and developing branding solutions for clients. Saman carefully understands what you are aiming for and gently positions requirements in form, hitting success every time. She's innovative, fearless, self-motivated, and can take ownership of an idea or project to deliver tangible results that will help shape the next generation of social and mobile web.

Tauqeer Abbas

Lead Developer

Tauqeer is a highly experienced, hardworking and very capable lead developer for always doing challenging projects and tasks. He has a long track record in programming, AOOP based concepts and all kind of developments especially in PHP/MySql. He has a friendly out-going approach and a solid understanding of what works on the webs, wordpress premium themes and plugins and mobile apps. You're in safe hands with Tauqeer for custom CMS based websites, ecommerce solutions and many customised projects to be done in Wordpress as backend CMS. He is also an accomplished HTML, CSS and jQuery trainer.

Sannan Butt

Business Development Manager

Sannan is office manager as well as business development manager who is responsible for online marketing consultancy and brand-building on the web. His starting point is always to get to know the client and understand why their customers buy from them. Overall company's business development strategies are being planned and implemented by him. He also works with project managers jointly for better understanding of client's requirements and helps delivering a quality product. He finally also ensures quality measures if the product is as per expectations of clients. He knows more than clients what they should need for their business.

Syed Hasnat

Senior Web Designer & Developer

Hasnat has been playing his role since company started in December 2011 and till now he has delivered hundreds of projects for almost any kind of industry. Either you need a project from scratch or want customisations, Hasnat will take care of that with full responsibility. With more than 5 years experience in web designing and development, he is now super expert for delivering high end products especially in Wordpress. We call him king of Wordpress who no matter what, anything about Wordpress is just like a sport for him to play. He is intellectual, passionate, hardworking and very loyal and honest to the company.


“Adeel has helped me complete a number of website projects and I have been very impressed. They understand how to manage multiple projects, and are always willing to do what it takes to get a job done. They are very cooperative which makes collaboration much more enjoyable.”
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